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Extract from the Sunday Mail of 19/09/04
Speedway: After a long battle, the Whyalla Speedway Club is to fold because of financial pressures, partly brought on by rising insurance costs.


The complex itself is to remain and could yet be used under a different banner in future.

This is an extract from Whyalla Speedway Club's 85/86 Annual Report.



August 19th will be 15 years from the day WHYALLA SPEEDWAY CLUB was formed. 

The building of the track and facilities was completed in record time, with the first meeting being held on 30th April 1972.

Although it has been said before, "Whyalla City can be proud of this achievement."

Over the years the Club has continued to improve the site and amenities.

This has not been at the same speed as the original building but, each year has seen changes happen.

One of the first major jobs was installing flood lighting to enable night racing, a generator was hired from Adelaide each meeting and for 2 years the Club continued with what most people would call a crazy idea, however this crazy idea put the Club in a position to be able to purchase and install our own large unit, funds were raised for this unit and a building to house it by the Whyalla Speedway Girls. 

Next came the brick toilet block with showers and sitting room for 9 and standing room for 12 it was named the best 'P' house in the west, again paid for by the Whyalla Speedway Girls.

When Whyalla had one of its rare wet seasons (3" in 2 days) we found out, not only had we built a Speedway but, as a bonus we had a man made reservoir. 

Next job, after five days of manning the pumps, was to build a deep drainage system from the "Winfield" corner, under the track and 1 kilometre down the Iron Knob Road.

Then came the building of the huge concrete water tank and the installation of 3 kilometres of water pipe, up until then the Club had to transport all its water by semi tanker from Whyalla.

And so the work has gone on. A security fence around the Speedway area. Concrete safety fence corners. New race control lights. Clubrooms and mechanics shed. 

Underground wiring for the public address system and public address system into the pits area. Flood lighting improvements. New main gate and ticket box. Extension of clubrooms. Water standpipe in Pits. 

The purchase of a large grader (Helen). We replaced old Henry the tractor with a Massey Ferguson which doubles as a front end loader.

The major construction of the new Control Tower, incorporating a V.I.P. lounge. A track side gate and UHF radios. 

Upgrading of the Canteens.

Well, after all this you would probably say (as they did 15 years ago) that it is impossible and can't he done, the only thing is "SPEEDWAY


Congratulations to you all. We all must keep up the good work in the years ahead.

Yours in Speedway


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