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This page is dedicated to those who competed and were involved with Speedway and are no longer with us.

It would be impossible to list everyone, however there is some Speedway competitors who excelled and information and photos are available for you to view.

If you have something to add which is relevant, please send your information to the Webmaster

Some names have been included, but information is being sort.

The persons shown are in two sections, those that were killed while competing and those who competed and/or were involved with Speedway, with NO particular order or preference:

Drivers, Riders & Passengers that were killed whilst competing:
Surname Christian Name Date


HUSSEY Gerald 6th March 1959 TQ Rowley Park  
O'CONNELL Kevin 25th January 1985 Solo Speedway Park
PRIEST Jarrad 14th November 1998   Murray Bridge
STIRLING Peter 17th December 1965   Rowley Park
DENTON Harry 3rd November 1967 Solo Rowley Park
GAVROS Jimmy 23rd January 1970 Solo Rowley Park
WOHLING Lionel 24th December 1928   Smithfield
SCHULTZ Brian 29th March 1986 Sidecar Pt Pirie
NEALE Harry 6th February 1959 Speedcar Claremont WA
BENNETT Brian 15th November 1957 Sidecar Rowley Park
HOWMANN Steve 2nd January 1959 Speedcar Rowley Park
LANG Kon 9th November 1962 TQ Rowley Park
SUNSTROM Arn 23rd January 1959 Speedcar Rowley Park
BOYLE Tony 22nd January 1993 Speedcar Speedway Park (City)
FOOT Ray 25th April 1969 TQ Virginia Showgrounds
Other Drivers, Riders, Passengers, Officials etc that competed or were involved with Speedway:
Surname Christian Name Date Vehicle/Bike/Etc Other Information
FISCHER Kevin   Super Modified/Track Owner  
SCOTT Jack   Solo  
LANE Robert (Bob)   TQ  
HARVEY Rick   Speedcar Died on duty as a Policeman
YOUNG Jack   Solo  
ROWE Alex ** December 2010 Speedcar  
McCOURT WARREN   Sidecar Passenger  
Pages for Drivers, Riders, Passengers, Officials etc that competed or were involved with Speedway:
Rex Sendy
Jim Silvy
Harley Dillon
Kym Bonython
Bill Wigzell
Ray Skipper
Bob Leverenz
Brian Schultz
Trevor McIntosh
Alex Rowe
Viv Wilks


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