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"South Australian Speedway Solo Championship Placegetters"

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Unless stated, all riders are from South Australia

Year Location First Second Third
1946/47 Kilburn Les Fredericks    
1947/48 Kilburn Jack Young    
1948/49 Kilburn Aub Lawson (NSW) [3 Laps]    
1948/49 Kilburn Jack Williams [4 Laps]    
1949/50 Kilburn Bob Leverenz    
1949/50 Rowley Park Merv Harding    
1950/51 Rowley Park Bob Leverenz    
1951/52 Rowley Park Bob Leverenz    
1952/53 Rowley Park Bob Leverenz    
1953/54 Rowley Park Jack Young    
1954/55 Rowley Park Jack Young    
1955/56 Rowley Park Jack Young    
1956/57 Rowley Park Ken McKinlay (Scotland)    
1957/58 Rowley Park Jack Young    
1958/59 Rowley Park Jack Young    
1959/60 Rowley Park Jack Young    
1960/61 Rowley Park Ove Fundin (Sweden)    
1961/62 Not Held Not Held Not Held Not Held
1962/63 Rowley Park Jack Young    
1963/64 Rowley Park Jack Young    
1964/65 Rowley Park Jack Scott    
1965/66 Not Held Not Held Not Held Not Held
1966/67 Rowley Park Jack Scott    
1967/68 Not Held Not Held Not Held Not Held
1968/69 Rowley Park Nigel Boocock (England)    
1969/70 Rowley Park John Boulger    
1970/71 Rowley Park Charlie Monk    
1971/72 Rowley Park John Boulger    
1972/73 Rowley Park John Boulger    
1973/74 Rowley Park John Boulger    
1974/75 Rowley Park John Boulger    
1975/76 Rowley Park John Boulger    
1976/77 Rowley Park John Boulger    
1977/78 Rowley Park John Boulger    
1978/79 Rowley Park Rob Maxfield    
1979/80 Speedway Park Doug Wyer (England)    
1980/81 Speedway Park Tony Boyle    
1981/82 Speedway Park John Boulger    
1982/83 Speedway Park Mark Fiora    
1983/84 North Arm Mark Fiora    
1984/85 Murray Bridge Mark Fiora    
1985/86 North Arm Steve   Baker    
1986/87 Whyalla Mark Fiora    
1987/88 Murray Bridge Craig Hodgson    
1988/89 North Arm Craig Hodgson    
1989/90 North Arm Scott Norman    
1990/91 Murray Bridge Shane Parker    
1991/92 North Arm Craig Hodgson    
1992/93 North Arm Scott Norman    
1993/94 North Arm Shane Parker    
1994/95 North Arm Ryan Sullivan    
1995/96 North Arm Ryan Sullivan    
1996/97 North Arm Ryan Sullivan    
1997/98 Murray Bridge Nigel Sadler    
1998/99 Murray Bridge Jason Lyons (Vic)    
1999/2000 Gillman Nigel Sadler    
2000/01 Gillman Shane Parker    
2001/02 Gillman Shane Parker    
2002/03 Gillman Rusty Harrison    
2003/04 Gillman Rory Schlein    
2004/05 Gillman Rory Schlein    
2005/06 Gillman Rory Schlein    
2006/07 Gillman Rory Schlein    
2007/08 Gillman Troy Batchelor (Qld)    
2008/09 Gillman Troy Batchelor (Qld)    
2009/10 Gillman Troy Batchelor (Qld)    
2010/11 Gillman Troy Batchelor (Qld)    
2011/12 Gillman Cory Gathercole (Vic)    
2012/13 Gillman Troy Batchelor (Qld)    
2013/14 Gillman Cameron Woodward (Vic)    
2014/15 Gillman Jason Doyle (NSW)    

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