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The first program printed for Rowley Park



The last program printed for Rowley Park


Photos supplied by Andy Davidson

A plaque was erected at the site to commemorate the existence of Rowley Park





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One of the most prolific persons to be involved with Rowley Speedway Park was Kym Bonython.

Kym Bonython's love of motorsport began when he first attended the Wayville Speedway in the late 1920s and grew as he followed the sport to Camden, Kilburn and Rowley Park.

In 1952 he started competing in speedcars and shortly afterwards took over the lease of Rowley Park, which he promoted until 1973. 

During that period, he won Australia's first 50-lap speedcar event in Melbourne in 1955 and later won an Australian title event in Toowomba, Queensland. 

He also developed a passion for hydroplane racing and was Australian Champion in 1954 and 1955.

Kym Bonython is a companion of the Order of Australia and holds both the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Force Cross for his services in the RAAF. 
He is also a Knight of St.John and has produced several books on Australian art.

Murray Bridge, Thursday July 4 2002:

Kym Bonython, one of the pioneers of speedway racing and a driving forced behind bringing the Formula One Grand Prix to Adelaide in the '80s, has been appointed Grand Marshal of the 2002 Classic Adelaide Rally in recognition of his life-long contribution to South Australian motorsport.

In his new role, Kym Bonython will be the figurehead of this year's Classic Adelaide Rally from October 16-20, officially flagging off the field of more than 200 vehicles from Victoria Square Adelaide on the first day. He will also be a guest of honour at many of the event's major public and presentation functions.

Announcing the appointment in Murray Bridge at the launch of the Rally's new Prologue course,

 Classic Adelaide Chairman David Edwards said Kym Bonython had a major influence in the development of motorsport in South Australia.

"From his development of Rowley Park over 21 years to become one of Australia's major speedway venues to his Chairmanship of the Jubilee 150 Board, which initiated the concept of the Formula One Grand Prix in Adelaide, every motorsport enthusiast in South Australia owes Kym Bonython a debt of gratitude," he said. 

"This appointment is in recognition of these and his other many community achievements."

During the years of Speedway at Rowley Park, there were many famous Australian Drivers, Riders and Passengers and Officials that competed there.

Below a list of some of them:

Jack Self Glen Dix Don Willason
Arn Sunstrom Harry Neale Jack Young
Rick Harvey John Boulger Deane Taylor

During the years of Speedway at Rowley Park, there were many famous International Drivers, Riders and Passengers and Officials that competed there.

Below a list of some of them:

Nigel Bocock Ivan Mauger Chris Pusey


Photos of some of the action at Rowley Park from the Vintage Speedway Web


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