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  • Reunions:

Rowley Park 25 Yr

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"Show 'N' Shine"

  • A photo was taken of all bikes and cars that were displayed:

The information under each photo is as per what is coded below:

  • The number that they originally raced under

  • The name of the previous and/or original Owner/Driver

  • The Name of the current Owner/Driver

If anyone is offended for a mistake within the listings, an apology is made, so if there is a correction to be made, please email the Webmaster, with some justification for an alteration. Thanks.

Please Note: The date shown on the photos is NOT the date that they were taken.

  • Solos:


rowley_reunion_solo_6.jpg (252472 bytes)


Jeff & Leah Fisher


rowley_reunion_solo_4.jpg (256714 bytes)


Jeff & Leah Fisher


rowley_reunion_solo_3.jpg (273017 bytes)

SA 10

Peter Wilton


rowley_reunion_solo_2.jpg (266792 bytes)

SA 5

Lee Russack


rowley_reunion_solo_5.jpg (252499 bytes)

Weslake Bike Display

Barry Beauchamp


rowley_reunion_solo_01.jpg (272013 bytes)

SA 104

Jawa Bike Display



  • Sidecars:


rowley_reunion_sidecar_jones.jpg (307747 bytes)

SA 2

Clarry Jones

Mark Mitchell /

Tom Golding

rowley_reunion_sidecar_parker.jpg (273558 bytes)

SA 15

Dave Parker / Neil Graetz

Bichard Family

rowley_reunion_sidecar_finlay.jpg (277807 bytes)

SA ?

Bob Finlay

Dave Langley / 

Tom Howard



  • TQ's:


rowley_reunion_TQ_103.jpg (273268 bytes)

? 103

Unknown ?

Unknown ?


rowley_reunion_TQ_SA7.jpg (263195 bytes)

SA 7

Jim Silvy

Barry Beauchamp


rowley_reunion_TQ_G1.jpg (245945 bytes)

G 1

Seb Zappula

Shaun Beauchamp


rowley_reunion_TQ_E7.jpg (271723 bytes)

E 7

Jim Reese

Bichard Family


rowley_reunion_TQ_E8.jpg (233764 bytes)

E 8

Jeff Holding

Eric Klenke



  • Speedcars:


rowley_reunion_speedcar_moyle.jpg (221652 bytes)

SA 82

John Moyle

Unknown ?

rowley_reunion_speedcarNT10.jpg (253322 bytes)


Jeff Ellison

Brian Graves


rowley_reunion_speedcar22.jpg (249633 bytes)

SA 22

Ray Bowers

Michael Buxallen


rowley_reunion_speedcar6.jpg (189239 bytes)

SA 6

Roy Sands

Michael Qualmann


rowley_reunion_speedcar_shields.jpg (239396 bytes)

SA 12

Alf Shields

Bob Holland



  • Stock Rods:


rowley_reunion_stockrod66.jpg (222776 bytes)

MB 66

Mike Shegog

Dayle Matthews


rowley_reunion_stockrodMG17.JPG (286974 bytes)

MG 17

Bob Holberton

Leon Crafter



  • Super Modifieds:


rowley_reunion_modified1.jpg (244646 bytes)

SA 1

Phil Herreen

Rob Vella


rowley_reunion_modified07.jpg (225598 bytes)

SA 7

Glen Catford

Graham Masters


rowley_reunion_modified11.jpg (249393 bytes)

SA 11

Snowy White

Darryl Hill


rowley_reunion_modified13.jpg (236241 bytes)

NT 13

Brian Moy

Russell Harrison


rowley_reunion_modified21.jpg (246181 bytes)

? 21

Unknown ?

Unknown ?


rowley_reunion_modified30.jpg (235575 bytes)

SA 30

Mal Sommerville

Mal Sommerville


rowley_reunion_modified97.jpg (244047 bytes)

SA 97

Peter Denton

Peter Denton


rowley_reunion_modified_black.jpg (246462 bytes)

VIC 13

Graeme McCubbin

Kevin Nielsen



Stock Cars:


rowley_reunion_stockcar23.JPG (296361 bytes)

SA 23

Murray Parker

Murray Parker


rowley_reunion_stockcar85.jpg (233447 bytes)

MIL 85

Danny Blanc

John Scorgie


The highlight for most persons at the event was the appearance of the "Fischer Ford Suddenly 88" Super Modified Car that was driven for many years by "Bill Wigzell" O.A.M.

  • Suddenly 88:


rowley_reunion_88_front_right.jpg (269163 bytes)

Suddenly 88 on Display at the Rowley Park 25 Year Reunion


rowley_reunion_88_bill_right.jpg (257357 bytes)

Bill Wigzell standing on the right side of Suddenly 88

rowley_reunion_88_bill_left.jpg (237191 bytes)

Bill Wigzell standing on the left side of Suddenly 88

rowley_reunion_88_right.jpg (293861 bytes)

Right Rear view

rowley_reunion_88_back.jpg (299799 bytes)

Left Rear view

rowley_reunion_88_front.jpg (293806 bytes)

Front view

Reunion Show 'N' Shine Restoration of a Car Dinner


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