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In 1933 the Port Pirie Motor Cycle Club decided to promote speed meetings with a one mile track being built on the former Civil Aerodrome site on Germain Road.

The Port Pirie Speedway commenced on the 17th April 1947 when approximately 3000 people attended a track built  by the Port Pirie Motor Cycle Club to see the Open Sidecar Championship winner being Charlie Walker from the Atujara Motor Cycle Club.

This track was used from 1933 to 1966 and it was referred to the "Port Germain Speed Track".

In 1966 it was converted to a 1/2 mile circuit which was recognised as Australia's Premier Long Track Venue


Photos supplied by Trevor Evans


Application to the Council for the Track to be built



A overhead view of the Track


An aerial view of the Track



The Pits


1991 Australian Longtrack Championships Program



 poster for the 1999 Australian Longtrack Championships

A Newspaper Article re Horses using the Track


Unfortunately during the Easter Saturday, 29th March 1986 meeting an unfortunate speedway accident occurred at the Port Pirie Half Mile track where Sidecar Rider Brian Schultz was killed.

The Track as it currently is - Photos supplied by Neil Burston

Track Entrance

Turn 1 & 2

Turn 2

Turn 4

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