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For information & photos of competitors at North Arm, click HERE


Nipper Crabb created a group on Face book for the North Arm Speedway and due to a lot of people joining it there was a lot of "chit chat" which was not really relevant to North Arm.

As a result of this another group was created by *** and named "Crabby's Talk Back"

Due to this occurring it was decided to purchase 100 only baseball type caps and sell them as shown below.

They can be purchased for $15.00 each.

If you wish to purchase one place your ORDER HERE

Below is the design of the cap.



The cap.

The writing on the front of the cap.



North Arm Speedway was built by the Speedway Riders Association when the track at Speedway Park had it's surface changed to clay and it became dangerous to compete on it.

It was on the "Grand Trunkway", which is on the road to the "Torrens Island" Power Station and was on Government land

When Heini Becker Park was built at Gillman and the government wanted to use the land, the area had to be returned to vacant land.

Below is some photos of the track when the safety fence and all the building were removed.

The photos are arranged with a view as if you were riding the machine.


Photos supplied by Andy Davidson.

Turn 1 from a Spectators view

Front straight approaching Turn 1

Front straight approaching the finishing line

Turn 1 from a Riders view

Results from the first meeting

Centre of the Track

Front Straight approaching the finishing line.

Turn 3

Turn 4


North Arm Speedway Track prior to the last night's meeting



Badges were made by Maureen Schooling.

 She ran the turn one souvenir shop and her husband Dave was the track photographer


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