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From 1911 until World War II the Middle North Amalgamated Coursing Plumpton Limited, operated an enclosed hare coursing ground on 80 acres of James Neale's land to the north east of Jamestown, where the water supply tanks are now located.

Each year two stakes were run on a 675 yard long course.

World War II saw the demise of Plumpton coursing, however 'live hare' coursing continued in the Belalie East district into the late 1950s.

The last public use of this area was for a short period between 1957 and 1963, when the Jamestown Car Club operated a dirt racing circuit.

jamestown_track.JPG (1757543 bytes) The photos and information is supplied courtesy of Peter Denton.

Top photo:

Pit area at Jamestown Speedway about 1958/59.

* The car is Eric Talbot's TQ with me getting ready for an invitation run.

* From memory, the car is powered by a panther motor.

* The steering wheel had to be removed for me to get in.

* Could possibly be Eric Talbot repairing the car.

* Other TQ can't remember.

* Car in the background is my 1955 Austin A50.

Lower Photo:

* Me driving the TQ.

* From memory the track went slightly up-hill then turned around at the top, and on the down hill run I think there was a large tree midway down the straight.


Neil Burston, rode his bike to Jamestown today and sought some information re the site of the Speedway at Jamestown.

He was directed to the site and took some photos of the area, as per below. THANKS NEIL.

jamestown_speedway_site _2004.JPG (148911 bytes)

Part of the current site as it is today.

jamestown_track_current.JPG (175604 bytes)

Part of the current site as it is today, showing the big tree that Peter Denton mentioned above.

jamestown_speedway_wire_catch_fence.JPG (199379 bytes)

The catch fence that was used.


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