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Information supplied by Les Figg via an email to the Webmaster on 14th February 2008.

I have been searching the internet for any mention of Motorcycle Speedway that used to be held at a track in Findon, SA at least into the early 1950's.

The track was located just off Findon Rd about one block north of Grange Rd - behind where Coles is now located.  The area used to be a clay pit (nicknamed 'the pug hole' by the locals) providing raw material for building bricks.

I wonder if you might have any information on this speedway track.


Les Figg

Santa Clara, CA, USA (ex-Adelaide)

PS: When I was a kid, Wally Young lived about 1 block from my parents home, Jack Young lived about 3 blocks in the other direction, and I attended Findon Primary School with Jack Young's daughter, Carol.

Information and Photos supplied by Peter Denton to the Webmaster on Tuesday, 26th March 2008.

 The Findon Speedway track, located near the corner of Grange & Findon Roads was built by George Denton, brother of Harry Denton in the 1950's in a sandpit and was covered with cinders and it also had a small dam in the South Eastern corner.

A Motor Cycle Club, possibly one of Atujara, Levis or Velocette conducted the meetings.

Riders: 121 - Jack Young, 40 - Blue Fleetwood, 122 - Frank Young

Riders: - 122 - Frank Young & Jack Young

Rider: 122 - Frank Young

Note the World War II Helmet laying on the ground on the side of the track

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