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This is a selection of photos available to date from Previous Classics held.

The names/cars listed could be:


  • One of the owners/drivers of the vehicle during it's racing days

  • One of the owners/drivers of the vehicle during it's restored days

  • The current owner/driver

If anyone is offended for a mistake within the listings, an apology is made, so if there is a correction to be made, please email the Webmaster, with some justification for an alteration. Thanks.

Stock Rods


stock rod 53.jpg (68474 bytes)


stock rod 23.jpg (65479 bytes)


stock rod 96.jpg (66507 bytes)


Stock Cars


max quinlan stock 39.jpg (72229 bytes)

Max Quinlan

murray parker stock rod 23.jpg (65268 bytes)

Murray Parker

ross hill stock rod 55.jpg (76573 bytes)

Ross Hill

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