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This is a selection of photos of Super Modifieds that attended the Classic.

The cars shown have:


  • The number that they originally raced under

  • The name of the previous and/or original Owner/Driver

  • The Name of the current Owner/Driver

If anyone is offended for a mistake within the listings, an apology is made, so if there is a correction to be made, please email the Webmaster, with some justification for an alteration. Thanks.

supermodified_10_unknown_mccallum.jpg (155125 bytes)

? 10

Unknown ?

Kev McCallum


supermodified_D12_davidson_chapman.jpg (153687 bytes)

D 12

Alan Davidson

Steven Chapman

supermodified_D13_smith_wheeler.jpg (154182 bytes)

D 13

Bob Smith

Neville Wheeler

supermodified_NSW6_fortune_griffiths.jpg (152776 bytes)


Don Fortune

Kevin Griffiths

supermodified_NT13_moy_harrison.jpg (150991 bytes)

NT 13

Brian Moy

Russell Harrison


supermodified_SA1_herreen_vella.jpg (153108 bytes)

SA 1

Phil Herreen

Rob Vella

supermodified_SA1_herreen_vella_2.jpg (153979 bytes)

SA 1

Phil Herreen

Rob Vella


supermodified_SA11_white_hill.jpg (149003 bytes)

SA 11

Snowy White

Darryl Hill

supermodified_SA30_sommerville_sommerville.jpg (153443 bytes)

SA 30

Mal Sommerville

Mal Sommerville


supermodified_SA42_aylesbury_germein.jpg (157522 bytes)

SA 42

Bob Aylesbury

David Germein

supermodified_SA49_catford_catford.jpg (156220 bytes)

SA 49

Glen Catford

Glen Catford

supermodified_SA7_catford_masters.jpg (155236 bytes)

SA 7

Glen Catford

Graham Masters

supermodified_SA92_wilson_hudson.jpg (154138 bytes)

SA 92

Ray Wilson

Tony Hudson


supermodified_SA97_denton_denton.jpg (155074 bytes)

SA 97

Peter Denton

Peter Denton

supermodified_VIC2_unknown_abbott.jpg (150819 bytes)

Vic 2

Unknown ?

Ray Abbott

supermodified_VIC2_unknown_brown.jpg (156780 bytes)

Vic 2

Unknown ?

Allen Brown

supermodified_VIC10_unknown_robinson.jpg (153519 bytes)

Vic 10

Unknown ?

Mark Robinson

supermodified_unknown_black_car.jpg (907058 bytes)

VIC 13

Graeme McCubbin

Kevin Nielsen


supermodified_VIC18_dagg_dagg.jpg (153365 bytes)

Vic 18

Harry Dagg

Harry Dagg

supermodified_VIC98_smith_barnes.jpg (155830 bytes)

Vic 98

Graeme Smith

Bob Barnes

supermodified_USA1_wasina_scott_2.jpg (154179 bytes)


Mike Wasina

Graham Scott


supermodified_unknown_blue_car.jpg (890739 bytes)

Unknown ?

Unknown ?

Unknown ?


supermodified_unknown_green_car.jpg (156942 bytes)

Unknown ?

Unknown ?

Unknown ?


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