• The Classics:

Murray Bridge

Gillman Events

Adelaide Auto Expo

  • Reunions:

Rowley Park 25 Yr

Point Pass 40 Yr


This is a selection of photos of Stock Cars that attended the Classic.

The cars shown have:


  • The number that they originally raced under

  • The name of the previous and/or original Owner/Driver

  • The Name of the current Owner/Driver

If anyone is offended for a mistake within the listings, an apology is made, so if there is a correction to be made, please email the Webmaster, with some justification for an alteration. Thanks.

stockcar_MDA50_uchtman_pit.jpg (900482 bytes)

MDA 50

Laurie Uchtman

Neville Pitt


stockcar_MG19_clayton_bald.jpg (894236 bytes)

MG 19

Chris Clayton

Neville Bald

stockcar_MIL3_raeck_hien_2.jpg (155255 bytes)


Gary Raeck

Julianne Hien

stockcar_MIL85_blanc_scorgie.jpg (154646 bytes)

MIL 85

Danny Blanc

John Scorgie

stockcar_SA23_parker_parker.jpg (894927 bytes)

SA 23

Murray Parker

Murray Parker


stockcar_SA55_elliot_scorgie_2.jpg (156481 bytes)

SA 55

Smokey Elliot

Chris Scorgie

stockcar_SA55_elliot_scorgie.jpg (154312 bytes)

SA 55

Smokey Elliot

Chris Scorgie


stockcar_SDAV32_martin.JPG (145041 bytes)


Peter Martin

Wayne Hamilton

stockcar_USA7_sargent_hien.jpg (899641 bytes)


Marshall Sargent

Colin Hien

stockcar_VIC12_-_winslade.JPG (146778 bytes)

VIC 12

Unknown ?

Don Winslade


stockcar_VIC13_mccubbin_smith.jpg (155337 bytes)

VIC 13

Graeme McCubbin

Gary Smith

stockcar_VIC21_torney_winslade.JPG (156733 bytes)

VIC 21

Maurie Tourney

Ian Winslade

stockcar_VIC35_menhennit_farr_3.jpg (153052 bytes)

VIC 35

Peter Menhennit

Kel Farr


stockcar_VIC35_menhennit_farr.jpg (154758 bytes)

VIC 35

Peter Menhennit

Kel Farr


stockcar_VIC37_unknown_nawn_sign.jpg (128607 bytes)

VIC 37

Unknown ?

Tony Nawn

stockcar_VIC37_unknown_nawn.jpg (154869 bytes)

VIC 37

Unknown ?

Tony Nawn


stockcar_VIC8_-_renwick.JPG (154480 bytes)


Unknown ?

Ian Renwick

stockcar_W10_unknown_williams.jpg (153113 bytes)

W 10

Unknown ?

Philip Williams

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