• The Classics:

Murray Bridge

Gillman Events

Adelaide Auto Expo

  • Reunions:

Rowley Park 25 Yr

Point Pass 40 Yr


This is a selection of photos of Solos that attended the Classic.

The bikes shown have:


  • The number that they originally raced under (Riders Usually rode with colours on their Helmets)

  • The name of the previous and/or original Owner/Driver

  • The Name of the current Owner/Driver

If anyone is offended for a mistake within the listings, an apology is made, so if there is a correction to be made, please email the Webmaster, with some justification for an alteration. Thanks.

solo_adrian_colin.JPG (285779 bytes)

SA 19

Adrian & Colin Hill


solo_dew.JPG (281845 bytes)

Vic 23

Ryan Dew


solo_fischer.JPG (298381 bytes)

Renmark 50

Gary Fischer

solo_fisher_jeff_leah.JPG (289486 bytes)


Jeff & Leah Fisher

solo_jolly.JPG (293775 bytes)

SA 93

Bob Jolly

solo_konrats.JPG (284286 bytes)

Renmark 87

Peter Konrats


solo_mitchell.JPG (287683 bytes)


Mark Mitchell

solo_morris.JPG (282835 bytes)


Peter Morris

solo_russack.JPG (271624 bytes)

SA 5

Lee Russack


solo_smith_bruce_rick.JPG (282136 bytes)

SA 22

Bruce & Rick Smith

solo_tracey.JPG (273847 bytes)

SA 63

Graeme Tracey

solo_wilton.JPG (291423 bytes)

SA 10

Peter Wilton

solo_104_front_view.JPG (321953 bytes)


solo_104_side_view.JPG (286308 bytes) solo_beauchamp_sign.JPG (308354 bytes)


solo_beauchamp_bike_sign.JPG (291711 bytes)


SA 104

Jawa Bike Display


SA 104

Jawa Bike Display


Weslake Bike Display

Barry Beauchamp


Weslake Bike Display

Barry Beauchamp


solo_hill_sign.JPG (234857 bytes)

SA 19

Adrian & Colin Hill

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