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This is a selection of photos available of Drivers that attended the Classic.

drivers_herreen_wigzell.JPG (136789 bytes)

L - R: Bill Wigzell & Phil Herreen

drivers_amigos.JPG (158571 bytes)

L - R: Alec Rowe, Bill Wigzell, Ray Skipper

drivers_3 amigos.JPG (155054 bytes)

L - R: Bill Willis, Ray Skipper, Lacey


There were some presentations made during the event.


Track Preparation

As per usual, the Management and Staff of the Murray Bridge Riverview Speedway excelled themselves for the spectators.

This includes the preparation of the track, administration, canteen, gate and car parking staff, plus any others that have NOT been specifically mentioned.

track_murraybridge_south.jpg (136345 bytes)

Southern Side of the Track

track_murraybridge_east.jpg (136273 bytes)

Eastern Side of the Track

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