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This is a selection of photos of TQ's that attended the Classic.

The cars shown have:


  • The number that they originally raced under

  • The name of the previous and/or original Owner/Driver

  • The Name of the current Owner/Driver

If anyone is offended for a mistake within the listings, an apology is made, so if there is a correction to be made, please email the Webmaster, with some justification for an alteration. Thanks.

tq_BH8_unknown_smith.jpg (154273 bytes)

BH 8

Unknown ?

Alan Smith

tq_BH8_unknown_smith_2.jpg (156179 bytes)

BH 8

Unknown ?

Alan Smith

tq_E7_reese_bichard.jpg (154124 bytes)

E 7

Jim Reese

Keith Bichard

tq_G1_zappula_beauchamp.jpg (152932 bytes)

G 1

Seb Zappula

Shaun Beauchamp


tq_RC1_seymour_deboo_sign.jpg (144679 bytes)

RC 1


Snow Deboo


tq_RC1_seymour_debbo.jpg (149498 bytes)

RC 1


Snow Deboo


tq_J29_hunt_gear.jpg (152467 bytes)

J 29

Kevin Hunt

Ian Gear

tq_M6_evans_greening.jpg (156914 bytes)

M 6

Ron Evans

Grant Greening

tq_NSW13_kindred_kindred.jpg (150326 bytes)

NSW 13

Ash Kindred

Don Kindred

tq_NSW25_parrat_havelberg.jpg (152600 bytes)

NSW 25

David Parrat

Steve Havelberg

tq_NSW33_tait_chadwick.jpg (145463 bytes)

NSW 33

Colin Tait

John Chadwick


tq_NT2_bennet_foster.jpg (152231 bytes)

NT 2

Don Bennet

Don Foster

tq_SA6_cotton_howard.jpg (150769 bytes)

SA 6

Neil Cotton

Trevor Howard


tq_SA6_cotton_howard_2.jpg (145932 bytes)

SA 6

Neil Cotton

Trevor Howard


tq_SA7_silvy_beauchamp.jpg (150729 bytes)

SA 7

Jim Silvy

Barry Beauchamp


tq_SA9_amos_pilsel.jpg (150625 bytes)

SA 9

John Amos

Rob Filsel

tq_SA75_deslandes_casson.jpg (149633 bytes)

SA 75

Ces Deslandes

Rob Casson


tq_SA88_unknown_hamilton.jpg (136316 bytes)

SA 88

Norm Price

Wayne Hamilton


tq_SE3_unknown_cameron.jpg (149647 bytes)

SE 3

Unknown ?

Andrew Cameron

tq_view.jpg (908330 bytes)

Display of TQ's at Murray Bridge

Saturday 17/04/04

tq_E8_holding_clenke_sign.jpg (126119 bytes) tq_E8_holding_clenke.jpg (154218 bytes) tq_SA17_inwood_inwood.jpg (154142 bytes) tq_SA17_inwood.jpg (768249 bytes)
E 8

Jeff Holding

Eric Klenke

E 8

Jeff Holding

Eric Klenke

SA 17

Ron Inwood

Ron Inwood

SA 17

Ron Inwood

Ron Inwood

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