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"The old Renmark Speedway"


An aerial view of the track

1953 - Calperum Speedway

In September of 1953 it was announced by the directors of Calperum Pty Ltd, that they had leased a portion of Calperum Station near Renmark to the Renmark Racing Club to build an all weather circuit, prior to this meetings effected by weather were either cancelled or moved to Berri. Calperum Speedway was Renmark's first speedway, prior to the building of the Riverland Speedway.
Alan Streader recalls: I held the altitude record at Calperum Speedway, When I was living in Broken Hill I was a regular competitor at the racetrack, In one race two cars came together in front of me, I had no time to stop and no-were to go, I hit the back wheel of one of the other cars and launched myself high enough to take out the over head lighting.
At a later presentation night I was awarded a trophy for not missing a meeting in 2 years, based in Broken Hill I still competed in more meetings than the locals.

  A aerial view showing the old and new tracks.


1965 - Allan Nichols Hot Rod


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