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"Home of Speedway's in South Australia"

Welcome to the web site for "Speedway's in South Australia".

This web site is created to allow visitors to gain some knowledge and a brief overview of Speedway's that have been conducted in South Australia, past and present.

We trust that when you have had a good look at the site, you would have gained some knowledge about Speedway in South Australia.

Please go to the Guest Book page and sign it and if you can add anything to the site, or go to the Feedback page.

"What's New on the Web Site"

Change or Inclusion Date Location Contributed By
Classes that are raced at Speedway's in South Australia 10/01/19 Classes Raced Webmaster
Port Pirie Page updated 22/01/19 Port Pirie Neil Burston
Renmark Calperum Speedway page updated 11/02/20 Renmark Calperum Webmaster
Nackara page has a program from a meeting included 30/05/20 Nackara Webmaster


How this Website was created.

The website was created by Adrian Menzel who was initially introduced to Speedway due to his father's involvement at the Point Pass Speedway.

At the age of 8 he used to help his dad who was a "Golden Fleece" Fuel Agent and supplied racing fuels and oils to the competitors that competed at the Point Pass Speedway between 1961 and 1968.

His father passed away in 1969 and Adrian went to Adelaide to work. As a result of attending every meeting that was conducted at Point Pass and he had the "Speedway Bug" in him, he used to go to Rowley Park Speedway.

At the conclusion of a meeting early in 1973 while he was going to his car, he was walking past the St John Ambulance First Aid Room where he met his cousin who had joined the Adelaide (Motor Cycle) Division and said that "seeing that you like speedway so much, why don't you do the upcoming First Aid Course, join the Division and then you can be part of the action by being infield and render any first aid that is required when an accident happens"

He did that and attended every meeting at Rowley Park and Speedway Park until 1984 when he and his family shifted to Robertstown.

From 1984 to 2002 he conducted several businesses at Robertstown and during this this he periodically attended meetings at Speedway Park, Murray Bridge and Renmark.

During 2002 he used to volunteer at the Robertstown Telecentre where he trained to become a Webmaster and constructed his first website which was "Point Pass Speedway".

Seeing that he enjoyed doing it so much, it was "where to from here" and it was reasonably obvious that the next step was another speedway website and here it is.

Due to the large complexity of Speedway in South Australia and it was going to be a large job to do, he sought the assistance of others and for anyone that contributes he acknowledges them, so if you want your name on the website all you have to do is supply relevant information of photos and it will happen.


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